Aeterna Noctis (PS5 Key)



Embody the King of Darkness and journey far and wide in the hopes of restoring your powers! Reminiscent of classic Metroidvania titles, Aeterna Noctis is a charming hand-drawn action platformer whose fast-paced combat and heart-stopping platform sections will have you at the edge of your seat. Created and published by Aeternum Game Studios S.L, this explosive 2D experience will put your skills to the test as you slash, glide, evade, and eliminate foes across 16 different yet interconnected areas. Chaos, the ruler of Aeterna, has cursed you to fight an eternal war but after each death you have to regain what you’ve lost. Buy Aeterna Noctis PSN key and defeat everyone who dares to stand in your way to power!Aeterna Noctis gameplay featuresBound by a curse to eternally battle the Queen of Light, the King of Darkness must regain his power after his recent fall. The challenges in Aeterna Noctis key require unshakable determination but the spoils of battle are definitely worth the effort!• Scalable difficulty. As you gain more experience, you’re bound to get better at fighting foes – the catch is that their difficulty level rises as well, making the game more challenging but hard-won battles more rewarding as well;• Fluid gameplay. Even though each battle with require more grit and determination, extremely responsive controls and precise movements will make combat all the more fun;• High mobility. A fight can be started and ultimately won in many different ways – utilize your tools and the environment itself to overcome any challenge;• Freedom of choice. While the narrative has a defined path, you can approach it whichever way you like at your own pace;• Cheap Aeterna Noctis price.Doomed for repetitionThe vibrant and captivating beauty of the Aeterna Noctis PSN key is elevated by the unique soundtrack and immersive storyline. As the legend goes, Chaos, the supreme god, created Aeterna and populated it with all kinds of races and beings. With time, though, they turned against their creator and banded together into two different factions. They warred, incited death and hatred, and in turn Chaos condemned them to fight each other for eons to come. Even death could not free them, reborn again they fight the eternal war..


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