Detroit: Become Human (Digital)



Detroit: Become Human is a cinematic adventure game with interactive storytelling and a cyberpunk setting. This title was developed by Quantic Dream studios and was initially released for the PlayStation 4 platform with the game being published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The PC port, however, is published by the developers themselves. Buy Detroit: Become Human key and lose yourself in a rich, cinematic video game experience offered to you by the creators of such famous PS4 titles like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, among others.   Dystopia of future Detroit The setting of Detroit: Become Human will be very familiar to the fans of the classic cyberpunk movie Blade Runner or anime series like Armitage III, as it explores similar themes about the possibility of human-like androids and ethical implications of such technology. The year is 2038 and the story takes place in the city of Detroit. Buy Detroit: Become Human key to visit a dystopian future where tension exists between sentient androids which are treated as modern slaves and their human creators. Be prepared to participate in a melodramatic story which explores the problems of racism and discrimination. Three distinct campaigns The game offers extremely high replay value with separate three campaigns, each of which presents three distinct characters and a branching story that is determined by the decisions made by the player. Each playthrough can be radically different and the game is designed to reward the player for realizing new outcomes of the separate campaign modes. Buy Detroit: Become Human key to play either as the prototype detective android named Connor, or servant androids Kara as well as Marcus.   Gameplay As you progress through the story be prepared to participate in many dialog sequences. At moments the game feels more like an interactive movie as you talk with many characters through dialog options or participate in quick time events during various action scenes. The graphical visuals of the game are also very good looking, especially the sequences featuring the cyberpunk Detroit or character facial animations. However, once you buy Detroit: Become Human key, you’ll also discover that various sequences of the game include an exploration of the semi-open world Detroit areas and experience of action from the third perspective. So if you seek a high-quality, cinematic cyberpunk experience – Detroit: Become Human will exceed your expectations!

Producent: Steam

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