Horizon Forbidden West Pre-order Bonus (PS4 Key)



With the pre-order bonus (DLC) key, you will receive:• The Nora Legacy Outfit;• Spear to use in the game.Developers Guerrilla Games and publishers Sony Interactive Entertainment present the second part of the successful Horizon series, called Forbidden West. The first game of this franchise Horizon Zero Dawn surprised gamers all over the world with its huge and beautiful, post-apocalyptic open-world, intriguing storyline, and original enemies – mechanical animals and fights with them. Every encounter with them was breathtaking, but not only fights were amazing because these enemies had their own, unique behavior not only during encounters. Horizon: Forbidden West (PS4) PSN Key takes place in the post-apocalyptic US. Players will have an opportunity to freely explore an open world. Developers say that this game is even bigger and more gorgeous than the first one. It could become the best PS game to date!Horizon Forbidden West featuresThe second installment of the Horizon series offers an even better experience! Get to know these elements and you will understand why:• A huge, open world. You will explore a vast world, which is divided into different and unique locations, where dangerous enemies lurk and storms rage. The world of Forbidden West is even bigger than in its predecessor;• Underwater locations. In this game you will have to dive deep underwater and be amazed by its flora, fauna, treasures, and secrets;• Other important additions. The game offers redefined melee combat, improved climbing mechanics, and a better traveling system. Also, a lot of new, unique gadgets which will help you to traverse dangerous environments;• Cheap Horizon Forbidden West price.Better than ever beforeHorizon: Forbidden West (PS4) PSN Key game continues the story of a young huntress of Nora tribe Aloy. Together with her and her companions you will travel to a mysterious place, called Forbidden West. A dangerous plague spreads from this place and kills everyone infected. While traveling, you will explore various new and gorgeous places, where storms rage and dangerous, mechanical foes roam. You will travel across valleys, deserts, snow mountains, tropical beaches, and fallen cities, both on the surface and underwater. Also, get ready to fight nomad enemies, who are using machines as transport.Experience this exciting title and other PlayStation games with the help of PSN gift cards – get the best deals without breaking the bank!

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