Kingshunt (Digital)



Participate in breathtaking team combat with trusted knights in the newest Vaki Games release! Kingshunt is a nerve-wracking mix of tower defense and hack-and-slash where the path to victory can only be paved with well-thought out strategy and swift precision. Combining the most-beloved and ruthless aspects of souls-like games and real-time strategy, the title seeks to challenge players at every turn and make them carve a path of destruction across the battlefield. Without proper collaboration, the numerous foes of the Kingshunt Steam key are certainly overwhelming, so build your hero well and entrust your back to players who will not let any malicious strike touch upon your shoulders!Kingshunt gameplay featuresAn online multiplayer experience, the Kingshunt key promises tumultuous gameplay and numerous features that will satisfy your itch for brutal and rapid combat:• Asymmetric 5 vs 5 PvP. Survival demands superior awareness, precision, and instincts – learn to anticipate your foe’s every move and unleash devastating counterblows;• Your own unique play style. The range of customizable ranged and melee heroes is always expanding – pick the one that suits your tastes the most and utilize their unique skills and abilities at key moments;• The Guardian Assault game mode. This asymmetrical mode allows player to pick their characters, use their utilities and grow into new styles of play – each role is distinct and vital on the battlefield;• Rune paths. Arcane abilities will only make your strikes much more deadlier – craft unique Runes, embed them in your weapons and counter oncoming attacks with supernatural devastation;• A variety of Utilities. Special Utilities can shift the tides in your favour at the most crucial moments – unlock them all and destroy your way to victory;• Cheap Kingshunt price.Carve your own pathIn the Kingshunt Steam key, heroes are essential parts of the game – without their intervention, the eternal roar of battle would never cease. There’s much work to be done though as you not only hack-and-slash your way through hordes of enemies but protect what is yours as well. Various creatures will be constantly unleashing minions in the hopes of defeating the Guardian whilst you, the defenders, will do everything in your power to eliminate them before any real harm is done. Whichever side you choose, your success greatly depends on cooperation and swiftness!


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