Winning Moves Guess Who? Batman (wersja angielska)


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„Gotham City is struck with a new mystery, and the Dark Detective needs your help to solve it! Fight crime as the Caped Crusader with this exciting new edition of Guess Who: Batman. Be the first to guess your opponents mystery character by asking clever questions to eliminate evidence, until only the correct solution remains! Does your character wear a mask? Is your character a hero? Do they wear a cape? Guess Who is easy to set up and simple to play, but tricky to master! Just insert the cardboard portraits into the game grid and youre ready to play. With a variety of detailed characters, from the Joker to Harley Quinn, Robin, Batgirl and Mister Freeze, Guess Who helps to develop memory and observational skills, and is great fun for players young and old. Are they a villain? Do they have dark hair? Are they carrying an umbrella? Its got to be the Penguin! Ideal for budding crime-fighters and comic book lovers, Guess Who is sure to please fans of DC Comics iconic Batman.

Producent: Winning Moves

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