Resident Evil 0 HD (Digital)



Resident Evil HD is a remake of the very first Resident Evil game that defined the whole survival horror genre. It provides the players with mostly the same story elements and vastly improved graphics, audio and control schemes. The game is set in the outskirts of Racoon City. There were some bizzare murders going on and a special forces team was sent to investigate. During the investigation they were attacked by zombified dogs and retreated to the mansion nearby. The mansion didnt turn out to be as safe as it looked. It was full of horrible secrets that werent meant to be discovered.It is up to you to lead the team through a maze-like mansion where death awaits in every corner. Select one of the team members and fight for your life. Many dangerous creatures and difficult puzzles lay ahead so be prepared to do anything it takes to survive.

Producent: Capcom

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