Train Life A Railway Simulator Supporter Edition (Digital)



If you revel in driving and want to take up a real challenge, you should enjoy the railway simulator, a game developed by Simteract, and published by Nacon. In Train Life: A Railway Simulator, you can be both the driver and the company director, and not only see a 3D drivers cab from the inside but also manage the whole transportation process.The game has received positive reviews and is praised for its unique gameplay. It has a lot of room to expand as an early access game. Train Life: A Railway Simulator is constantly being updated, with new content being added and bugs being fixed.Railroad simulatorTrain Life: A Railway Simulator is an involving railroad simulator requiring all your attention. Watch out for falling trees, stalled cars, and trains that happen to be rolling on your track. You will have to listen to rail signals and driving instructions, manage your speed, and control rail switches. Remember, you will have to handle emergencies like the experts in the real world.Be the driverYou are the one in control of the majestic and massive locomotives. Take your passengers and merchandise on a trip across Europe. Choose your routes and a unique train, since all of them differ and vary in characteristics. You will need to know the subtleties to be the most effective on the railroad. Visit Germany, Poland, Czechia, Belgium and see the wonder of high mountains and deep forests. You may also travel through both rural and urban areas of Europe. Get a feel for the drivers cab and enjoy real-world behavior with dynamic weather and day and night cycles.Be the entrepreneurEnjoy the engaging gameplay of a railroad company director. After peaceful driving, you will face intricate management issues. Optimize your Passenger and Freight activities. Give contracts to new drivers, or explore new tracks yourself. You can select your own logo, give your company a name and purchase new machines to turn into a railroad empire. Make right choices and develop even further!Key featuresVideo game that allows you to be both the driver and entrepreneurDynamic weather and day and night cyclesTrain trips across Europe; visit the mountains, forests, beautiful rural and urban areasIntricate management options3D models of magnificent machines and their detailed cabs

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