Warhammer End Times Vermintide Ultimate Edition (Digital)



Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide Ultimate Edition is a bundle that includes the base game, Collector’s Edition upgrade as well as all DLCs.WARHAMMER FANTASY IN FIRST PERSONExperience Warhammer Fantasy Battles like never before in this first person 4 player co-op combat adventure. Take on the role of one of five unlikely heroes as you team up with friends to break the Skaven invasion of Ubersreik.GO BEYOND THE STREETS OF UBERSREIKThe Skaven are determined to topple the Empire and are starting their invasion in Reikland. While the battle for Ubersreik rages on, their malicious army has also set their gaze on locations such as Castle Drachenfels, Karak Azgaraz, Stromdorf and Schluesselschloss. Whatever their plans might be, it can only mean doom for our heroes.SYMPHONY OF SKAVEN SLAUGHTERIt’s time to kill some Skaven in style. Aside from the vast range of weapons available in the base game of Vermintide, we have also released 6 lethal new weapon types, each with their own unique method of slicing and smashing Skaven. Dismembering rat-men has never been this fun.HIT THE STREETS IN STYLEHit the streets with a bold new look for each of the heroes as continue to take on the neverending hordes of Skaven. Who would have expected that the End Times could look this stylish.

Producent: Steam

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